Fresh throughout the season

Our growing operations, farms and packhouses enjoy sunny, warm climates so we bring you perfect fresh produce throughout the seasons.


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Country of origin: Morocco

Standard tomatoes

Growing season: October to May
Loose 6Kg, split-size and colour-graded, for
pre-packing, or size- and colour-graded for wholesale and catering.

Cherry tomatoes

Growing seasons: October to April (Winter)
May to September (Summer)
Size-graded for pre-packing.

Baby plum tomatoes

Growing season: October to May
Size-graded for pre-packing.

Cocktail vine tomatoes

Growing season: October to June
Graded for pre-packing in UK or layer-packed
vines loose.



Iceberg lettuce

Country of origin: Spain

Growing season: October to May
Euro cartons, count 9-10-12.